“Im Passionate about ensuring business owners get the rewards they deserve- both when Operating their businesses and when exiting”


Hi – and thanks for taking the time to consider working with me.

From a young age, I always wanted the freedom of running my own business, of building something that I had created, of building a team of fantastic people who I could nurture, who shared my values, and who I could help to succeed.

And I’m massively proud to say that I have done that.

But you’re probably here because you’ve done that too, and you know that there’s a hell of a lot more to building and running a business than the initial dream you set out with. I won’t list them here, because we both know them.


But what I've come to learn in recent years is the tragedy that happens to so many small businesses when it comes time to sell. It is a horrible fact that pretty much 8 out of 10 businesses that are advertised for sale, never actually get sold.

So I decided to change that.

Having been on the buy-side and the sell-side many times, I know what questions both sides will ask and I understand the emotions involved when selling a business that you’ve worked so hard on. I’ve created a program that allows me to work directly with business owners and their teams on a 1:1 basis – which guarantees that we will find a buyer for their business at an above market rate, and gives them the choice of who they sell their business to.

If you’re considering finding a buyer for your business, either now or in the future, you can find out more on my program by clicking here.


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If you would like to discuss how I can guarantee to find a buyer for your business, please email me via: email@craigbartlett.com, or WhatsApp me directly using the link below.

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